Construction Product Regulation

The European Construction Products Directive has evolved into the Construction Products Regulations (CPR), which has been in force in all Member States since July 2013.

For cables, the CPR covers any cable intended to be integrated into construction works (fixed installation), including buildings and civil engineering works. The CPR is effective as of July 1, 2016 and will be mandatory for all as of July 1, 2017. The transition period is therefore one year.

The CPR does not impose requirements pertaining to the degree of cable performance. It classifies their performance in terms of reaction to fire (Euroclasses).

Determination of levels of safety remains a national responsibility.

CPR Objectives

The Construction Products Regulations (CPR) are designed to provide reliable information about the characteristics of construction products, and therefore of cables. To this end, it establishes a "common technical language" which standardizes the methods used to evaluate the performance of construction products.

This common technical language should be applied by:

  • Manufacturers when they declare the performance of their products
  • The authorities of the Member States when specifying their requirements
  • Users (architects, engineers, builders ...) when choosing the products most suited to the application envisaged in the construction works.

CPR Benefits

  • More clarity
  • More security
  • Less counterfeit and non-compliant products
  • Less risk

Euroclasses and Cable Evaluation

The cables are concerned for their reaction to fire, measured by the calorific value and additional criteria:

  • The emission of hazardous substances
  • The acidity of the emitted fumes
  • The droplets they spread
  • The cables are then classified according to their reaction to these criteria.

To obtain the classification of a cable in a Euroclass, the manufacturer shall carry out tests in a notified laboratory. It obtains its certification by a notified body of product certification. Depending on the class of its product, it can then be submitted to notified bodies of control ensuring conformity of factory production.

Cable marking

The CE marking indicates conformity with the regulations in force and is the passport of entry into the "Community" market.